Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

About us

The BOLD Organisation comprises BOLDTIMES (Newspaper) and BOLD Publishers Limited.

B0LD Publishers Limited, Email: is incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with Registration Certficate No RC 897118 dated 2nd July, 2010.

In addition, BOLD Publishers Limited is issued with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) by the National Library of Nigeria which is the Federal Government agency responsible for registering and assigning ISBN to books, e-resources and mixed media, as a tool of universal bibliographic control (UBC) and Universal Availability of Publications (UAP).

BOLD Publishers Limited engages in the following:
Online publication of books and newspapers;
Printing and publishing of books and periodicals;
Marketing of books and periodicals.

BOLDTIMES envisages an enlightened and open society, founded on ideals of truth, social justice, courage, duty, honour, human dignity, fostering humane values, tolerance, heroic virtue and banishment of every activity that degrades man.

Our objective is to enrich the human personality in body, mind, and soul, foster integrity in personal affairs, transparency in public affairs, spiritual and environmental cleanliness and expose all forms of evil without fear, thereby setting the agenda for sustainable development and progress of the society.