Thu. Jun 1st, 2023


The BOLD COMMUNITY is conceived as a community of people across the world that shares a vision of enlightened and confident living pertaining to education, health and open discussion of public issues. It focuses primarily on youths (particularly students), women, workers, significant opinion molders as well as human rights and other civil society organizations.

In terms of interest articulation, the BOLD COMMUNITY is conceptualized as a platform for media advocacy. This entails ”the strategic use of the mass media and community organizing as a resource for advancing a social and public policy initiative.” (Jernigan, D.H. and Wright, P.A. 1996), It is an interactive social media platform to address serious issues that affect the community.

Our approach is dialogical and interactive with a view to facilitating civic engagement and appreciation of critical issues rather than pedagogic or authoritarian tactics of traditional society.

In this regard, the critical needs of BOLD COMMUNITY include:
(a) Encouraging people to volunteer to join the social networking community;
(b) Generating a database (including phone numbers and email addresses of community members) that could be integrated into the website but not available for public view.
(c) Posting relevant news, analysis, commentaries, pictures, videos, songs on the BOLD COMMUNITY platform on the boldtimes website.